Written By: Paul

When was the last time a game intentionally made you laugh? I’m not talking about poorly voiced characters or horrible plot twists, I mean a game that was actually funny. For me it had been a while since I cracked a smile in a game. Thankfully that changed when I started playing a classic: Sam and Max. I finished playing through Season 1 not a few days ago and already I am looking forward to starting on Season 2.

What was originally a comic series became a TV show in the 90’s, then came to the computer in the same era, and THEN when the gaming service Gametap was at its peak, turned into a point-and-click adventure game on the PC and later the consoles. Sam and Max: Freelance Police, must thwart unusual and at times ridiculous criminals from hypnotizing, blowing up, and or destroying all of man-kind. The episodes in Season 1 vary from hypnotized former child stars vandalizing a neighborhood, stopping a power mad villain on the moon, and even punching the President of the United States in the face! The writing is witty and to the point. Sam and Max are both well written characters who hint at some pretty mature and racy humor to keep us older players interested, but delivered in a colorful and easy on the eyes experience. A game that never takes itself too seriously like this one is a game that is well paced, and knows when lowbrow jokes are perfect.

The games come as “Episodes” and each one is a different case. They’re usually about two to four hours long depending on how much you explore. I would recommend talking to everyone you meet in game, whether it’s for a funny line, or just to get a clue progressing the story.

The game is currently on Steam and is offered by the season for you gaming pleasure. There are three seasons all together, so there’s plenty of content to work through. I’m loading up the second season episodes as we speak. There in and of itself is a sign of a well done series, when you can’t wait to start the next one.

This game feels a lot like cartoons back in the 90’s and for me it was a nostalgic buy for sure. However, unlike most nostalgic things, the charm didn’t wear off, and I found myself really enjoying myself, and laughing with the story lines. The game is top notch for adventure gamers!